Welcome to the Machine

After several years of working in the wax chasing area I was getting tired of the department and the work. I had been honing my skills doing bronze work including teaching myself to TIG weld and chase the bronze (finish the surface).

I asked Donna Warner if I could move to the metal chasing area. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea. I had to ask her several times. At the time I started asking to move, the chasing area was run by a woman I’ll call Molly. Molly was talented and well liked in her department but she had some emotional tendencies that interfered with her ability to function appropriately. She had become involved with one of the apprentices and was having an emotional meltdown because it had come to an end. Eventually it got so bad the Atelier had to let her go.

They replaced her with a guy named Dave Martin who was a real piece of work. This guy really missed his calling as an FBI agent or a traffic cop. I could not understand what he was doing in a place like that. He had absolutely no artistic tendencies or any kind of imagination that I could see. He was a company man from start to finish, a real stooge to the front office types, another example of the political machinations of the place. I hated him.


One Response to “Welcome to the Machine”

  1. Bernardo- This is Scott from your Le Corbeau daze. I just stumbled across your blog. Glad to see you are alive , kicking and not pulling any punches. Drop me a line. It has been many a long year.

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