Mysterious Machinery

During this period of time I also worked on my own projects. A lot of my best ideas came to me in the form of images that would just pop into my head. Many times this would happen as I would be falling asleep, a time when the wall between your conscious and sub-conscious mind is low. One such image was of a man turning into a motorcycle. This idea became ‘Iron Horse,’ which of course is a retelling of the Centaur myth. Instead of half man/half horse, we have a half man/half motorcycle blend.

I bought numerous magazines with photos of bikes. I had my trusty book of weightlifters for the figure, as well as the other source material. This was a

Modern retelling of the centaur myth

Iron Horse, classic sculpture by Bernardo (click to enlarge)

 complicated piece to sculpt and also to mold up. There were molds for the seat, the back suspension/axle, and the muffler as well as the main man/motorcycle mass. Once all the pieces were put together in wax, then the task of gating, or spruing, was required.  Again this was a large and complicated procedure for this sculpture, due to all the various components that needed to be fed with the molten bronze.

Fortunately I had a friend in the spruing/ceramic shell department. His name was Shelton Jacocks Jr. He was a very cool, laid back, black guy. He helped everyone with gating questions and he helped me figure out the best approach with this one.


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