Venus on Wheels Pt. 2

The collector that commissioned ‘Big Ass Buick’ also purchased copies of ‘CaddyCorner’ as well as the motorcycle piece I came to call ‘Iron Horse.’  His house was amazing. He was an astute collector that had many different types of things ranging from sculptural art and glass to traditional Japanese Prints and  antique vehicles. He even collected vintage cap pistols.

"The Chief," sculpture by Robert Toth

One of the art pieces he had was an amazingly beautiful bronze of a vintage Indian ‘Chief’; a legendary motorcycle from the ’40’s. I asked him who had made it and he told me it was a local  artist named Robert Toth. I looked him up and we soon became friends.

Robert is a gentle, intelligent man who’s very talented. His projects have included series of portrait busts of great classical musicians, famous politicians throughout American history as well as Hot Rod and motorcycle art. Robert was the one who told me I should start getting my work out to shows. He mentioned a car show that happened every year in northern New Jersey called Lead East. I found out that this show was put on by a promoter named Terry Cook. I called him up and asked about getting a space at the next event.


2 Responses to “Venus on Wheels Pt. 2”

  1. Thanks for the nice words about my art

    Robert Toth

  2. Bernard

    Thank you for our friendship over the years and mutual endorsement of the creative work we do.

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