Conquering $uccess

Working on the Wildcat project took longer than I expected. It was a big clay and there were lots of details and places that required a lot of attention. I ended up sculpting the spoke wheels by hand and that took months. I sculpted a hexagonal patterned base for the piece to sit on and also recreated the logo I had made a rubbing of, in clay.

Wildcat Logo in Stainless Steel

Later during the production phase I had my friend in Maine cast these up in stainless steel.

One of the shows I attended around this time was an antique car auction that happens every year in Atlantic City. I usually liked to bring clay and some tools with me both to pass the time and also I’ve found it to be a conversation starter with people. At this particular event there was an obese gentleman who had the booth next to mine. Covertly I started to use him as a model; I had had an idea kicking around of a big fat man riding in a teensy little car wearing a fez a la the Shriners. When I got home I worked on this further. I cast one in bronze and then had the idea of putting him on a unicycle. This piece eventually came to be called ‘$uccess’ and was my version of a motoring mascot. (AKA a hood ornament). $uccess was a popular piece, I made a bunch of them in bronze.



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