Truculent Hero

Around the time I had been working on the ‘Iron Horse’ piece (a retelling of the Centaur myth) I was also thinking about comic book characters and their vehicles. I had always thought the Batmobile was very cool and fun, especially the one that Barris Kustoms had created for the ‘60’s television series. (This was a souped up and customized ‘dreamcar’ from the ‘50’s, the Lincoln Futura).

1960's era Batmobile (click to enlarge)

I started thinking that it would be interesting to create both a new superhero and the vehicle that he rode in. This is how ‘HammerHead’ came about. Since I had already spent time earlier in my career creating my own ‘retro’ styled concept cars it wasn’t hard for me to create a new vehicle. I wanted it to have some visual impact so I made it a little bit bigger than most of what I had made up til then. I have always been fascinated by hammerhead sharks and thought that would make a visually intriguing figure. I started working on a musclebound physique and studying pictures of sharks.

Making the mold for the car was a little tricky but my friend Clay Ervin had some key pieces of advice that made it work. Once every month or so the Atelier would pour some aluminum and the people that were interested could sign up to have some of their stuff poured that way. I thought this would work well for this project.

Since this was an homage to comic book art and I wanted a way to help convey this feeling, I thought it would be amusing for the title to tell part of the back story. One of my friends at the Atelier at the time was a guy named R.J. Runas. R.J. was way into comic books and sequential art so I asked him to come up with a piece of writing; a day or two later he gave me a short paragraph which I have used as the title ever since. It casts this character as a criminal which makes him more of an anti-hero.

This is the title:

“As night falls over the city of Aquaria,
the dark side awakens. The Underworld
comes out to play their sinister games.
HammerHead, the most dreaded and feared
criminal has come back to the planet to
extract his revenge on the man who exiled
him to the prison moons of Xandria…” 

This piece is part of my own permanent personal collection.  It was created in 1992



One Response to “Truculent Hero”

  1. Hammerhead’s always been a favorite of mine, verbose title and all. Nice post.

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